Giving On-line

The Diocese of Olympia has set up a unique on-line giving portal for each church in the Diocese. You may use this portal if you desire to use your credit card to make your pledge payment or other contribution to St. Peter church. This is an option available for your use if, and only if, you desire to make use of it. It may be a beneficial option during this time of not meeting for worship.

You may access the portal: here.

Some further information:

The Diocese will aggregate the contributions they receive for St. Peter and periodically forward it to us.

Our request is that if you choose to make a pledge payment or other contribution using this option please let Gretchen Goodson (parish Treasurer) and Mary Timm (pledge secretary) know so we have an independent record of what has been given.

Some might ask if there is a fee for this service. The answer is yes – the entity providing this service does charge a fee – on the order of 3%. However, that fee does not impact the individual making the contribution. It is a business expense for the Diocese/church. For example: If one pledges $100 to St. Peter church and gives that $100 on-line using their credit card through this portal, the church (St, Peter) will credit the individual $100 toward their pledge or other contribution while actually receiving roughly $97. The remaining $3 will pay the fee as a business expense of the church.